Social Justice & Community Legal Services

CODEC understanding about Social Justice & Community Legal Services

Contribute to improve awareness of rights, remedies and services among women, men, and children, in marginalized, socially excluded and hard to reach communities specially in the coastal areas of Bangladesh. Increase the capacity of distressed, vulnerable, disadvantaged and neglected coastal communities to seek redress from the informal and formal justice system of Bangladesh. CODEC consolidates and expand demand-led legal services through new partnerships and extended coastal geographical coverage. Respective projects of CODEC such as Community Legal Service (CLS) projects is intervening to ensure greater voice and participation of marginalized and socially excluded communities in the process of law and justice through intervention of community based legal services. Build capacity among justice system actors, including local conflict mitigation committees (Shalish Committee), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) at local and community level under the Union Parishad. CODEC facilitates to enhance the access to justice and increase responsiveness of justice mechanisms as well as an improved legal and justice mechanism and practice at local grassroots level through institutional mechanism of Union Parishad and CBOs to secure rights for coastal women, men and children from marginalized, socially and economically excluded and hard to reach coastal communities.