CODEC customized with a systematic and user friendly documentation and publication. This endeavor is responsible to collect and disseminate the programme, management and research based information and documentation along with publication. It maintains archive and publishes half yearly news bulletin “CODEC BARTA” for different Government, NGOs and community stakeholders. It also publishes different research papers and reports consequence of workshops and seminars; and developing & updating research documents, plan, reports, case studies, pictorial book, photo album, flip charts, poster, handbooks, maps, brochure, leaflet, magazines, documentary films and video CD on human rights, good governance, health, education, development, micro-finance, organizational and environmental issues. CODEC publication is a useful asset for researchers, academicians, human rights activists and development professionals especially on coastal human and natural issues.

Major research works and publications:

1. A brief study of the fish vendors in Chittagong City, CODEC.

2. A study on social awareness training for CODEC beneficiaries: Objectives, needs and effectiveness. RR-6, Mahbubul Islam, May1993.

3. A strategy for improving the capacity of coastal fisherfolk in CODEC area by strengthening Coordination Committees (CCs): Management Research Report. S.M. Giasuddin, May 1999.

4. A study on the results of secondary school certificate and Dhakil Examination in the coastal area. Dr. Md. Fasiul Alam, 2005.

5. Basic Information on Chunuti Wildlife Sanctuary. Abdul Bari and Utpal Dutta, November 2003.

6. Changes in fishermen’s lives of the coastal villages in Chittagong: CODEC Experience. RR-5, Mahbubul Islam.

7. Coastal Communities: A study of Economic Development. Khursid Alam Ph.D. and Absar Habib, April 2006.

8. Cyclone SIDR & Responses of CODEC. Julia Chowdhury, June 2009.

9. Delipara: An obscure fishing villages of Bangladesh. Absar Habib, July 2001.

10. Fish Distribution from Coastal Communities-Market and Credit Access Issues. NRI.

11. Field Validation Research on Coastal Livelihoods in Bangladesh. FVR, October 2000.

12. Forgotten faces of the coast: Women and Children. Khursid Alam Ph.D. and Sultan Mohammad Giasuddin, April 2005.

13. Identification of Non-Capture Fishery Income Generation Options for the ESBN (Estuarine Set Bag Net) Fisheries of Coastal Bangladesh. Study Commissioned by Bay of Bengal Programme (BOBP), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of United Nations, October 1997.

14. Impact of Development Intervention on Selected Socio-Economic Indicators: The case of CODEC. RR-3, July 1991.

15. Impact study on access to health service. Archana Paul, January 2009.

16. Impact study on access to health service. Archana Paul, September 2011.

17. Impact study of the Coordination Committee of CODEC. Khurdid Alam Ph.D., February 2009.

18. Impact study on CODEC grassroots and national advocacy programme. Absar Habib & Mamun-Or-Rashid, January 2009.

19. Impact study on CODEC grassroots and national advocacy programme. Absar Habib & Mamun-Or-Rashid, September 2011.

20. Impact study on CODEC Intervention- Jaladas Community, Chittagong. Shamshul Alam, February 2009.

21. Impact study on Education & Access to Information. Julia Chowdhury, February 2009.

22. Impact study on Education & Access to Information. Julia Chowdhury, September 2011.

23. Impact study on CODEC Micro-Finance Programme. Khursid Alam Ph.D., March 2011.

24. Impact study on Jaladas fisherfolk Community Development. S.M. Giasuddin, September 2011.

25. In Quest for a Distant Homeland. Adity Falguni Gayen, January 2007.

26. Journey to Development (Chittagong Hill Tracts- Rangamati). Shahariar Adnan Shantanu, January 2004.

27. Life and Livelihood Conditions of the Coastal Communities and Policies. Azizur Rahman Khan, Yunus Khan and Mohammad Shahid Ullah, CODEC-PRODIP Project, August 2012.

28. Life and Livelihood of the Fishing Communities of Bangladesh- A Pictorial Presentation.

29. Lives and Livelihoods of Six Coastal Villages (Bengali Version). CODEC-PRODIP Project, December 2012.

30. Measures of Participatory Trend of the Beneficiaries through Organization: CODEC Patuakhali Area. Mahbubul Islam, June 1993.

31. My Happiness My Sorrow (Autobiographic Case studies). Shahariar Adnan Shantanu, December 2003.

32. My Happiness My Sorrow (Autobiographic Case studies). Saleha Begum, December 2010.

33. Pain and Pleasure of the Fishing Communities around the River Meghna. Khursid Alam Ph.D., Ranajit Dastidar and Syed Farhad Ali Reza.

34. Program Impact Assessment: A Living Light to Shine Amidst Darkness: A Micro field study on Conscious raising Issues. 08-14 December, 1997 / RR-9.

35. People Reaction to Actions for Development: An Analysis of People’s Perceptions and Felt Needs. July 1991/ CODEC RR-4.

36. Report on Participatory Rural Appraisal in Two fishing villages. FAO.

37. Report of Consultation Workshops on “Fish Distribution from Coastal Communities- Market and Credit Access Issues”. Ulrich Kleih, Khursid Alam, Ranajit Dastidar, Utpal Dutta, Mohammed Solaiman, Iftekharuddin Chowdhury, A.N.M. Nurul Kareem and Ansen Ward, July 2001.

38. Review study on Impact of Savings and Credit Programme of CODEC. Shahid Hossain Talukdar, November 2001.

39. Socio-Political Empowerment of Chittagong Coastal Fisherfolk Communities under CODEC intervention. Kamal Sengupta and Sultan Mohammad Giasuddin.

40. Socio Economic Characteristic Communities of Coastal Bangladesh. CODEC RR-1, April 1991.

41. Sritir Nongarey Shapna Dingee (Dream Boat Anchored Memories)- on the occasion of CODEC 25 Years Silver Jubilee on 1st October 2010. Sultan Mohammed Giasuddin, Director, Research and Monitoring, CODEC.

42. Study on the Capacity of Coordination Committee in Bangladesh as Community Based Organization under Socio-Cultural Development Programme. Masud Al Hasnat, September 2011.

43. Study on Livelihood Condition and position of Coastal Fisher folk Communities. Khursid Alam Ph.D., Sultan Mohammad Giasuddin, Mamun -Or- Rashid, 2008.

44. Sustainable Coastal Livelihoods Project– DFID.

45. Support to Coastal and River based Fishing Communities: Socio-Economics of Fishing Communities of Patuakhali, Barguna and Bhola. CODEC, October 1989.

46. Study report on Impact Evaluation of CODEC Income Generating Project. Shamsun Nahar.

47. Small-scale fisherfolks perceptions and practices concerning fisheries resources and their conservation. Eva Skagerstam, Torben Brattstrom, December 1991.

48. Secondary Data Collection for Pilot Protected Area: Teknaf Game Reserve- IRG. Abdul Bari and Utpal Dutta, January 2004.

49. Trend and pattern of grassroots responses of CODEC intervention. CODEC RR-2, April 1991.

50. Two fishing villages of Bangladesh: A community study. Dr. Khursid Alam, June 1996.

51. Upakuler Najibpur. Absar Habib, February 2010.

52. Research on risk identification interms of Soyabean farmer’s self sensitivity . Khursid Alam Phd, September 2013.

53. Struggle towards ENLIGHTENMENT; Case Study based research on publication of CODEC, Conducted by Sharaban Tahura and Mohammed Sayed Mamun Bappy.

54. Journey to Empowerment, Alamgir Ahmed Sumon, 2016

55. Struggle toward Enlightenment, Stimulating Household Improvements Resulting in Economic Empowerment Rampal-Morrelganj-Mongla Upazilla,Researcher: Saraban Tahura, Mohammad Sayed Mamun Bappy. Researcher Adviser: Khursid Alam Ph.D., Sultan Mohammad Giasuddin, June, 2014

56. Migration to Big Cities from Coastal Villages of Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis By Mohammed Mamun Rashid, 2013

57. উপকূলীয় জেলে অধিকার ও আইন গবেষনাঃ মৎস্য সুরক্ষা ও সংরক্ষণ ১৯৫০, মৎস্য সুরক্ষা ও সংরক্ষণ বিধিমালা ১৯৮৫, সামুদ্রিক মৎস্য অধ্যাদেশ ১৯৮৩, সামুদ্রিক মৎস্য আইনর১৯৮৩; মৎস্য আইন সংশোধনী প্রস্তাব: মে ২০১২

58. Policy Research Paper: Life and Livelihood Conditions of the Coastal Communities and Policies; Azizur Rahman Khan, A B M Yunus Khan, Mohammad Shahid Ullah, August 2012

59. Women & Children: THE FORGOTTEN FACES IN THE COAST, Khursid Alam PhD & Sultan Mohammed Giasuddin, January 2005

60. Identification of Alternative Income and Employment Generation Activities for the Coastal Fisher-Folks of Bangladesh; Study Team Leader: Shahid Hossain Talukdar, Study Commissioned by COFCON with assistance of the Stromme Foundation –Norway. September 2003

61. LIVELIHOODS IN COASTAL FISHING COMMUNITIES, AND THE MARINE FISH MARKETING SYSTEM OF BANGLADESH, Synthesis of Participatory Rural Appraisals in Six Villages, and Assessment of the Marketing System; Ulrich Kleih, Khursid Alam, Ranajit Dastidar, Utpal Dutta, Nicoliene Oudwater, and Ansen Ward, NRI-Greenwich University, January 2003

62. Study on Rakhain Community: In quest for a distant Homeland – Adity Falguni Gayen. January 2007

63. Measures of Participatory Trend of the Beneficiaries through organization: CODEC Patuakhali area. Prepared by Mahbubul Islam. June -1993 / CODEC RR-7.

64. My Happiness My Sorrow (Autobiographic Case studies Series 1 to 3 of two Jaladas Women and two Jaladas Men those who involved with CODEC development intervention since it’s inception). Series: 01 A.M.M. Shamsad 10 December 1995, Series: 02 Shahariar Adnan Shantanu 31 December 2003, Series: Saleha Begum. Last publication: 31 December 2010.

65. Sidr in Patherghata: A quest for their Rightful place. Directed by: Nargis Akhter, Translated by Fazia Tawheed. 14th January 2009. .

66. Study on Sustainable Coastal Livelihoods Project –DFID.