In the early 1970, a cyclone with tidal bore destroyed many fishing boats in the coastal area of Bangladesh. The Ministry of Fisheries of Government of Bangladesh (GoB) undertook a a project to build and distribute 550 motorized fishing boats to help the poor fishing communities financed by the Government of Denmark. The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) also initiated Boat Rental Pilot Scheme in the Boat Building Project during 1984-85.

CODEC is an inheritor of DANIDA Bangladesh derived from couple of project intervention explicitly DANIDA Boat Building Project and Boat Rental Scheme. CODEC has been working as a people centered development organization from 01 October 1985 according to recommendation of Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and the Royal Danish Embassy.

From the beginning of its development intervention, CODEC started its activities only with the fisherfolk communities (seven villages) in Chittagong but over the period CODEC now extended its working area with other disadvantaged coastal communities along with the fisherfolk.