Code of Conduct

  1. We will avoid any unhealthy and harmful conflict between our personal interests and the interest of CODEC. We will give priority to the interests of our organization, CODEC. We will promptly report any occurrence of such conflict to the CODEC authority.
  1. We will not seek to influence any person, group or team for private and personal purposes by using our official position or offering them personal advantages and privileges. Likewise, we will not use organizational and public property, facilities, services and financial resources for personal benefit unless it is approved by the authority.


  1. We will respect the human dignity, law and constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and act upon the organization’s Service Rules, Gender and Child Protection Policy in which we are working.
  1. We will ensure that our personal or private conduct does not compromise our role as CODEC personnel.


  1. We will not give, solicit, or receive, directly or indirectly any gift or other favour that may influence the exercise of our function, performance of duty or judgment.
  1. We will not indulge directly or indirectly to any business or profit earning institutions neither act on fear/fright nor favour/patronage on bias/partially bias to any person/institutions detrimental to the objective, mission and vision of CODEC.


  1. In accordance with the principle of Zero tolerance we are obliged to report suspicion or evidence of immoral activities, financial corruption, misconduct and insubordination committed by the personnel of any levels in the organization.
  1. We will make every effort to achieve maximum openness and transparency towards CODEC constituencies. However, confidentiality will be applied where necessary to safeguard the organization, rights of target community members and their organizations, CODEC personnel, partners and other stakeholders.


  1.  In delivery of our work, we will not generate any discrimination in respect of gender, age, religion, culture, education, disability, social status, minority and ethnic affiliation.
  1. We will respect and obey the “Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2012” of Government of  Bangladesh in regard  to smuggling money or property earned through legal or illegal means to a foreign country. Knowingly transferring or remitting the proceeds to a foreign country or remitting or bringing them into Bangladesh from a foreign country with the intention of hiding or disguising its illegal source is criminal act.


  1. We will respect the principle of code and we will report any evidence or suspicion of violation of the code to the CODEC authority. The responsible superiors will ensure the legal rights and due protection of the whistleblower and the accused before, during and after any investigation.
  1. We will be highly vigilant and cautious against financial dealing and business, which may favour to the terrorism and terrorist activities against the own state and any other state.


  1. We will strictly avoid misusing any natural resources and stay conscious about coastal environment and climate change affect.
  2. We will strictly follow the prohibition of marketing and use of drug, liquor and alcoholic drinks inside the office premises and in any other places.


  1. We will concern and initiate to prevent trafficking for vulnerable populations, for the traffickers those who facilitate or constitute trafficking, and for responders to identify and rescue or support trafficking victims specially women and children.
  1. “All personnel of CODEC should observe Code of Conduct and discipline of CODEC” as per service rules. We will make “ Code of Conduct” known to CODEC personnel at all levels and CODEC facilitated community based organizations, NGO partners and other stakeholders.

Abul Kashem
CODEC Executive Committee
As per Meeting No169 dated 27th December 2013